I’ve recently decided that being connected via so many social networking sites has led to a general devalue of my free time. Sitting on the sofa reading all the random posts and politically motivated dribble of random people has occupied too much of my time. I have many other reasons for limiting my time on various sites. Read on.

I look in the mirror and I see my waistline changing and I think, “I really need to be exercising more. I want to be healthy.” Then I sit on the sofa, plug back in to my social media and before I know it I’ve wasted 3 hours of my life that I swear I don’t have to spare. I’m definitely mistaken about this. Besides wasting precious time when I have more important things to tend to, I’m also full to the brim of people using social media to express their relentless temper tantrums about the menial events in life. To have a horrendous cold is unfortunate, but does the entire planet need to know you’ve used a whole box of Kleenex? I think not. Now, do I want to read about births, life events that have changed you, epiphanies that have led to new awareness of self and others? Absolutely!! I just have no desire to read of the emotional steam pots who blow up their feed.

Unfortunately, this includes some of my dear friends and family. They have a tough moment in life and they go all “Chicken Little” on us and profess that the sky is falling because of a normal life problem that comes up from time to time. To them I say, “what did you do, or didn’t do, that caused this to happen?” From my experience, almost every “Chicken Little” moment is predestined to happen because of ones failure to handle their adult responsibilities properly. Therefore, I have little sympathy if you’re not going to try something different or even seek guidance about how to deal with the issue more effectively next time. Keep the “Chicken Little” moment to yourself and shit in your own chicken coop because my life garden is fertilized with more appropriate and life affirming shit. It sounds harsh, even to me as I type it, but I can’t express myself any more clearly. Boundaries are absolutely necessary. I have approached my boundary for comfort with the trifling details of human discomfort.

I posted my desire to limit my presence on social media and many friends retorted with their own opinions regarding my desire to unplug for a while. One of my remarks was that I also felt rather bipolar because of the extremes I was experiencing with various stories where I could read of great faith and inspiration but the next post would be of horrendous acts against humankind. My friend responded to this statement by saying, “Life is bipolar.” My immediate thought is that life has it’s ups and downs, but my life is far from bipolar. I don’t have extreme ups nor extreme downs. I don’t allow that in my life, it isn’t healthy. Which leads me to this conclusion: I can’t control what happens in others lives but I refuse to allow their bipolar experiences to influence my existence.

Additionally, I felt so punctuated and repressed in my expression via such public forums. With a wide variety of people from different backgrounds and times in my life, my ideas would not be accepted well by many. I didn’t like this feeling of pandering to their emotions yet valuing them as companions in my life resulting in editing myself to various degrees depending on the subject.

I respect different values and opinions even though I might not agree with them or practice them in my own life. It has been my experience that people have begun to use social media to bully each other into believing as they do and not allowing people to develop their own way of thinking. I am just tired of seeing this happen. It’s as though people behave badly via social media because they think nobody is watching or that nobody will have the guts to set them straight. Adults who use social media, please hear this: you cannot act like an ass in the world just because your mom and dad aren’t there to correct you! Just stop it. It isn’t ok to act badly. And if you’re reading this and know what I’m talking about, can I get an Amen?! Just stop it already. It’s enough. Get therapy. Go for a run. Talk to the people who have upset you. Communicate effectively and stop being so passive aggressive as to post your temper tantrum online.

I sense there may be some irony to this initial post yet it begs to be said without edit, without fear of reprisal, nor intent to offend. It is merely one humble person’s perspective about how her life needs to improve by establishing proper boundaries and developing an appropriate relationship with self-expression once again.

The Repressed Peach

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