Violence in society. What are the usual thoughts about this topic? I’ve heard a range of responses which include violence is a normal part of life to violence is a phenomenon that is exacerbated by media. Oh. My thoughts about this topic? Oh am I so glad you’ve asked.

During the caveman era and even the Roman Empire, violence has found a niche in alleged sport events. In sporting events the fight is often the most sought after attraction. Hockey, for instance, is one of the sports where fighting is not only commonplace but rather cheered for and desired by the spectators. While I understand the desire for excitement, let me make this clear: violence is not entertainment.

I’m deeply disturbed by the current trend in society where the carnal desire for brute violence outweighs the sanctity of humanity and dignity toward others. Am I saying that violence has no place in society? Absolutely not. I firmly believe that it does have a proper place and purpose in society, however just not in the form of acts of intense rage against another human or as a spectator event.

In fact, my belief about this extends as far as televised mixed martial arts fighting where people are fighting for reward and millions of people watch. Events of this nature promote violence, and definitely unnecessary violence, against another human being for payment which is not different than a caveman using blunt force to stop another caveman from taking his food. Have we devolved as a human race as to promote violence in such a way? I pray to God that the answer is no.

Today there was a nasty fight between two boys in the hallway. Now I know boys are going to fight, that’s part of what they do with the various hormonal changes that are happening at age 15 or 16. What bothered me most was the gluttonous desire of the onlookers to take pictures and call their friends to see the blood. It was a grotesque scene. Grotesque to watch young minds enamored by violence. Young minds riddled with horrible images that can never be removed. Young minds convinced that behaving like this is, in some way, okay.

I couldn’t help myself but anger at this apparent lack of respect for another human being. This is my thought process:
1. A baby is conceived out of love between two people.
2. The mother carries the conceived child to term while hoping and dreaming about who the child will grow up to be one day.
3. Child, regardless of age, is still his or her mom’s hopes and dreams.
4. It will never be acceptable to injure another human being for pleasure or payment.

I may sound cliche or naive when I make statements such as this however I genuinely believe in resolving our differences in a more humane way than senselessly beating another human being. If the same were happening to a dog or other creature then the media would be sure to report such violence and the atrocities against the ethical treatment of animals. Such situations are evident in the media as is the case with the conviction of Michael Vick and the dog fighting allegations which sent him to jail for a period of time. But violence between two people? Apparently that is a blood bath that everyone wants to see and enjoy.

It is a gruesome and disgusting spectacle to watch young people feen for a gory, bloody, violent scene and make such fun of it. It is a sad day in our society when young people stand by and watch the fight and laugh while another human being is so critically injured. What happened to the days when kids would break up a fight or call for someone to stop the fight? I hope and pray for their swift return; I pray desperately for the good of mankind.

Achingly yours,

The Repressed Peach

No plateau in sight

While irony exists in the written word it doesn’t exactly exist when we speak in literal terms of events which occur in reality. For the Christian person, all things are ordained by God. There aren’t any accidents or coincidences according to Christianity and the Bible. Everything is all in God’s plan. Tonight’s events and the post that I wrote last night may give way to the word irony being used from a literary standpoint simply because you’re reading words on this page.

Let me explain.

Last night I blogged about me finding life’s purpose and contemplating the philosophical question about what I am here to do. Tonight I had several experiences that clearly revealed the answer: God’s work.

On Wednesday nights I teach third and fourth grade bible study at my church through a program called Awana. We use a curriculum base to teach from yet it is the testimony of each leader that brings to life the beauty of God’s Word and His abilities to save us. I have taught in this role for two years and have shared my testimony with the children but nobody has ever followed Christ in accepting Him as Lord and Savior. Well tonight that all changed because of four brave young girls.

Tonight we had a lesson about sin and using God’s word as a sword in the world to fight evil and to seek God when faced with trials and temptations. Because of the rich conversation we were having several members had very important questions to ask which resulted in talking about Christ’s death, salvation, and the joy of God’s love. It was astonishing!!! Before I knew it I had three young ladies jump up and say they wanted to pray for Jesus to come into their heart and life!

It was truly a miracle. A miracle that I never imagined being part of. A miracle which reaffirmed God has a plan for me and that my work is far from over. I believe He has big plans for me.

In light of this new information, I’ve realized my new normal is just beginning and that I have so much yet in store for me and my life’s purpose. And honestly, I couldn’t be happier. I will rest easy tonight.


The Repressed Peach

Life’s purpose

It’s always nice knowing you have a divine purpose in life. To consider life and it’s many intricacies, living day-to-day working and doing those things which contribute to an overall sense of productivity, provides the security that life isn’t over.

Lately, my thoughts have been abuzz with ideas of how I am living my life dream. The thoughts are various, let me share.
I am taking care of others. I’m a mother. I’ve been married, divorced, and loved hard. I’ve had a beautiful wedding and a sad, yet successful, divorce. I’ve lived through poverty and wealth. I’ve know extraordinary peace and unrelenting discord. I served the United States Air Force for nearly ten years. I’ve earned my masters degree in counseling. I’m currently teaching English in a high school literally living my childhood dream of becoming a teacher. I’ve seen the gift of life and witnessed tragic death. I’ve cried as much as I’ve laughed and cheered as much as I scolded. My son is a beautiful soul and challenges my thinking on a regular basis. I have mothered a young man who will be a productive citizen of society as he grows into an adult. He is my life dream manifest. These are just the many thoughts that make me consider the question…what more can I ask for?

As these thoughts swirl, I assess the brevity of life. I witness this phenomenon every day… On the highways, in the news, friends die, family members ail, students’ lives are cut too short. I consider that which I’ve accomplished in life and can’t help but wonder if this is what actualization feels like. I’ve accomplished almost every thing I’ve dreamed of doing and much more. I can’t imagine going backward and going through anything I’ve already lived through, yet I know that I will be faced with future obstacles and I can’t fathom what they may be. I’m honestly afraid of the sadness that may lie ahead. I’m on my mountain right now; my quest to the top of Mt. Everest, if you will allow, is essentially complete. What does this mean? Does it mean that my mountaintop experience will lead to an eventual slippery slope downward? Or maybe, just as possibly, my mountaintop can be transformed into a plateau…can I logically stay on the same platform yet find new opportunity for growth and development?

I find myself extraordinarily grateful for today because today…today…I felt purposeful. I felt intentioned and saved. I felt God work through me and bring light into the dark corners of others’ lives. I felt the consideration for the brevity and purpose of life come to a pause today. I recognized the work I have yet to do and I cried out to God thanking Him for giving me a purpose today and allowing me another day on this earth. I plan to make every day my best day and ensure that I’ve left a piece of me behind. My mountaintop will just have to be my new normal. No slippery slopes and no plateaus…just new beginnings from wherever I am. That’s my life’s purpose.