Life’s purpose

It’s always nice knowing you have a divine purpose in life. To consider life and it’s many intricacies, living day-to-day working and doing those things which contribute to an overall sense of productivity, provides the security that life isn’t over.

Lately, my thoughts have been abuzz with ideas of how I am living my life dream. The thoughts are various, let me share.
I am taking care of others. I’m a mother. I’ve been married, divorced, and loved hard. I’ve had a beautiful wedding and a sad, yet successful, divorce. I’ve lived through poverty and wealth. I’ve know extraordinary peace and unrelenting discord. I served the United States Air Force for nearly ten years. I’ve earned my masters degree in counseling. I’m currently teaching English in a high school literally living my childhood dream of becoming a teacher. I’ve seen the gift of life and witnessed tragic death. I’ve cried as much as I’ve laughed and cheered as much as I scolded. My son is a beautiful soul and challenges my thinking on a regular basis. I have mothered a young man who will be a productive citizen of society as he grows into an adult. He is my life dream manifest. These are just the many thoughts that make me consider the question…what more can I ask for?

As these thoughts swirl, I assess the brevity of life. I witness this phenomenon every day… On the highways, in the news, friends die, family members ail, students’ lives are cut too short. I consider that which I’ve accomplished in life and can’t help but wonder if this is what actualization feels like. I’ve accomplished almost every thing I’ve dreamed of doing and much more. I can’t imagine going backward and going through anything I’ve already lived through, yet I know that I will be faced with future obstacles and I can’t fathom what they may be. I’m honestly afraid of the sadness that may lie ahead. I’m on my mountain right now; my quest to the top of Mt. Everest, if you will allow, is essentially complete. What does this mean? Does it mean that my mountaintop experience will lead to an eventual slippery slope downward? Or maybe, just as possibly, my mountaintop can be transformed into a plateau…can I logically stay on the same platform yet find new opportunity for growth and development?

I find myself extraordinarily grateful for today because today…today…I felt purposeful. I felt intentioned and saved. I felt God work through me and bring light into the dark corners of others’ lives. I felt the consideration for the brevity and purpose of life come to a pause today. I recognized the work I have yet to do and I cried out to God thanking Him for giving me a purpose today and allowing me another day on this earth. I plan to make every day my best day and ensure that I’ve left a piece of me behind. My mountaintop will just have to be my new normal. No slippery slopes and no plateaus…just new beginnings from wherever I am. That’s my life’s purpose.

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