No plateau in sight

While irony exists in the written word it doesn’t exactly exist when we speak in literal terms of events which occur in reality. For the Christian person, all things are ordained by God. There aren’t any accidents or coincidences according to Christianity and the Bible. Everything is all in God’s plan. Tonight’s events and the post that I wrote last night may give way to the word irony being used from a literary standpoint simply because you’re reading words on this page.

Let me explain.

Last night I blogged about me finding life’s purpose and contemplating the philosophical question about what I am here to do. Tonight I had several experiences that clearly revealed the answer: God’s work.

On Wednesday nights I teach third and fourth grade bible study at my church through a program called Awana. We use a curriculum base to teach from yet it is the testimony of each leader that brings to life the beauty of God’s Word and His abilities to save us. I have taught in this role for two years and have shared my testimony with the children but nobody has ever followed Christ in accepting Him as Lord and Savior. Well tonight that all changed because of four brave young girls.

Tonight we had a lesson about sin and using God’s word as a sword in the world to fight evil and to seek God when faced with trials and temptations. Because of the rich conversation we were having several members had very important questions to ask which resulted in talking about Christ’s death, salvation, and the joy of God’s love. It was astonishing!!! Before I knew it I had three young ladies jump up and say they wanted to pray for Jesus to come into their heart and life!

It was truly a miracle. A miracle that I never imagined being part of. A miracle which reaffirmed God has a plan for me and that my work is far from over. I believe He has big plans for me.

In light of this new information, I’ve realized my new normal is just beginning and that I have so much yet in store for me and my life’s purpose. And honestly, I couldn’t be happier. I will rest easy tonight.


The Repressed Peach

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