The tired mind

I wonder how many people come up with ludicrous thoughts and images after they’ve become overtired. Is it just me who thinks of horror monsters coming alive and sleepwalking through my bedroom or evil masterminds lurking in the shadows of my tiny apartment? I hate watching scary shows or movies anymore because my mind is too tender. I have sleepless nights imagining the demise of innocent people simply because of the edgy graphic images deposited in my brain from a recent episode of some crime show. I am a woman of faith and spirituality, but I find myself plagued with a tumult of images flipping through my mind as a slideshow as soon as I become overtired. Reminiscent of my postpartum days. As a single mom, I have a multitude of reasons to be conscientious of our safety, and thankfully, nothing has happened to us. Nonetheless, I feel myself shrink a bit more every time a vicious scene crawls through my mind as the wee hours tick closer to daylight. I need peace and safety as well as constant surety of those two things.

So here’s to a late night and being overtired. Slideshow will stop. Every unknown sound will fade into the silence and sleep will overcome my body. To sleep. To peace. To good rest.

Good night.

Hopefully yours,
The Repressed Peach

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