We are in a culture of citizens who have become increasingly more inclined to create happiness for others. Web pages have been created to honor and inspire generosity and kindness. Starbucks patrons are sure to be the beneficiary of a random act of the car in front of them at the drive thru purchasing their early morning coffee and pastry stop. Organizations are even being formed all in an effort to increase happiness, spread joy, expand communities, and inspire love. The world isn’t all violence, hate, and political persuasion. We actually have hometown heroes all around us who inspire wondrous acts of generosity for no other reason than to be a source of goodness in the world.

I am completely on board with this philosophy. Life is beautiful. All around us we see amazing creations and obstacles overcome by the best of under dogs. I believe in celebrating these triumphs in humanity. I also believe in finding good when sometimes the obvious is so glaringly ugly and foul. So, finding joy and inspiring happiness when it isn’t easily found is what I love to do.

Now here’s the idea. A baby in development, and mere twinkle in my hazel eye and endearing heart: RAK Network. A network of volunteers who have time and are willing to provide needed services and support when it’s least likely and most inconvenient to be found. Random Acts of Kindness Network would be a hotline of sorts where people could call in for others who they see have a need. For instance, I was driving to work one day and noticed a vehicle on the side of the road. This, in itself, is not unusual as we have many abandoned cars on our city roadways, but this time it was different: a young mother and two school uniform clad children stood next to this malfunctioning vehicle waiting to cross a busy highway. It was also well after 8:00 am when most elementary schools have already begun their day therefore making the children late for their school day. This family needed a ride from a friendly person with space for all the children and time to spare to ensure everyone got to where they needed to go. If it hadn’t been so busy on the highway, I would’ve slowed to a stop and offered help, but it would’ve been incredibly dangerous for everyone if I had. Thus, the idea for RAKNet was born. How wonderful would it be to call a hotline and tell the dispatcher what service is needed and where at any given time? Not all needs could be met and not all services would be available all the time but at least there would be more options. And those options would be free. Free to call. Free to receive. Free to inspire and share joy in the face of uncertain and unfortunate times. A time when humanity can step up to the plate and change the life of just one person for just a few moments. I believe with all of my heart that this is a feasible idea. I need resources though; many of them, mostly people though. Volunteers. Artists. Inspired people with a heart for helping for no other reward than being a good person. So RAKNet is my baby and will start slowly in my community. And then after RAKNet San Antonio is up and running full speed then I will expand to other communities.

We all need something to believe in. We need to believe in God or in a god; we need to believe there is good in the world; we need to know we aren’t alone in life; we need to know that even the worst of the worst moments will pass sooner rather than later; and sometimes, all we need to believe is that for just one minute someone somewhere in the world loves us. RAKNet will be the source of those fleeting moments of love and will inspire joy and hope everywhere it goes.

With joy and love,
The Repressed Peach

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