Attraction and Success

Attraction is such a complex phenomenon. Different scientific approaches claim everything from natural chemical processes to an innate nature in finding someone who is a good mate for reproductive purposes! Attraction is essentially vital to the existence of mankind. Men and women alike will state their claim about which feature they find most attractive in their intended mate; eyes, lips, chin shape, sultry scents, muscle tone, height, breast size, penis size, intelligence, compassion, sense of humor, laugh… The list goes on.

But what really constitutes attraction? I know arguments can be had for any of the above mentioned features, but does that explain the alleged attraction of a sports fan who swoons over an athlete? For instance, last night the San Antonio Spurs clinched the NBA Finals in a remarkable victory over the Miami Heat. As I read through the numerous Facebook posts and comments in the corresponding threads I noticed one trend: women claiming their stake over any said Spurs basketball player. It was phenomenal! I mean like die-hard female fans of the San Antonio Spurs who were sure they were going to be wed to the champions at any given second! I couldn’t believe it! So, naturally, I had to inquire further. These women couldn’t really be betrothed to a Spurs player, could they? And much to my satisfaction, after an appropriate amount of trolling, I find that not a single lady was in relation with any of the players. So that led me to ask the following question: why do women swoon after successful athletes?

As I thought this thought, it dawned on me in the exact same moment that it is because the athlete is a perceived success!! Ah ha!! I’ve got it by golly! Success is attractive! Isn’t that true? Don’t we seek out successful people and desire to make their acquaintance? I don’t know that it matters what your gender is or your sexual orientation, successful people make us desire something! A whole new set of characteristics are perceived regardless of the person’s appearance, their scent, or any other physical characteristic…a champion of anything is instant heart-pounding, molten desire!

If success weren’t a determining factor, consider this… Surely there are a many number of athletes who are good looking by all physical accounts, yet they aren’t considered successful for a variety of reasons. Surely these good-looking men and women are successful, as they are professional athletes, and they are surely in normal, happy, healthy relationships with their partners (or we will safely assume). So, why don’t women swoon and clamor for their attention too?They aren’t publicly successful and aren’t publicly accessible. So, I maintain that success is the ultra-feature. Success is the one characteristic (which is ultimately made up of many) in a human being that makes us feel all the things we don’t feel when someone is simply attractive to us. Success is the determining factor. Who doesn’t like successful people in their life? Who doesn’t like to be successful themselves? I, personally, prefer success over any other external or internal characteristic. As I tell my students in class, “Be amazing in all that you do; just be amazing!”

Successfully yours,

The Repressed Peach

One thought on “Attraction and Success

  1. A successful athlete as with the winner of a Bear fight, this is the most desirable mate. It doesn’t matter that we as humans are evolved. We still need to have the strongest, most successful, wealthiest male/female/mate to continue the species.

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