When no one is looking

When no one is around to watch what you do, what do you do? Do you stand tall and do those things you’d do anyway? Or, are you that person who does differently when all eyes are shielded from view? Does integrity run only skin deep or is integrity a fiber of your mortal being? A fiber that runs so deep it could nearly be extracted in vials should it be called forth to do so. What about those moments in between thoughts? Are they sad, lonely, desperate, graceful, joyful, wondrous? Or are your thoughts full of vile horrific trespasses against humanity and morality? Does the hair on your neck stand up when something sweet happens? Do you find yourself questioning God and all creation for the wrongs you’ve suffered yet finding space in your psyche to be thankful that it hasn’t been more?

Who knows you? Do they trust the spaces in between your thoughts? Do they trust your every action and inaction? How do you know? Is your character fully available to them or do you hold something back? If you hold back, why do you do so? Is it fear? Shame? Insecurity? What keeps you from letting people in?

If a person could be a fly on the wall, what would they think of you? If they could be a thought, would they want to be in your thoughts? If they are your love interest, would they think more or less of you if they knew all there is to know?

When no one is looking, who are you?

Me, myself, and I,

The Repressed Peach

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