You were there. 

You met me in my dreams last night! You were there in all of your many forms. Light hearted and funny, kind and thoughtful, jealous yet secure, alive yet just a dream. But I could feel you. Your spirit was so real. Our interactions and chemistry were dancing on the ethereal high of being together. Even if only in our dreams, we were together and we were happy as ever. It was wonderful to feel your soul with mine. It was amazing to laugh with you, smile at you, watch you look at me with the eyes of your soul. In our dream we barely touched but we were intertwined at the heart. My dream is my sustenance for today.

I wonder if you dreamed of me too. Did you get to enjoy the connection? The time shared and the memories made? It was a dream so real I’d feel selfish to enjoy it all alone. You need this dream too!

We have this connection. A soul connection that I can only explain by describing what I imagine…

Imagine two souls finding each other and connecting. Connecting into this infinite thread that can bend and twist and pull in all directions. It can be made thin and taut but it can never break. It’s this infinity loop where we are connected at the heart but so much deeper than just the heart. It’s heart and soul. We dance through our life, separate and afar, but our souls are infinitely connected. We will never be more than a thought away from each other. Never more than a feeling away to being back where we know we are supposed to be.

Although I know we will be connected forever, I miss your presence. I miss the immediacy of our connection. I miss the electricity and the wakefulness you bring to my soul. I’m alive but I’m dead compared to when I’m with you. Even in my dream I felt more alive than I do right now sitting on my patio drinking coffee and enjoying the bright, beautiful morning.

This connection we have reminds me of the movie “Hancock” with Will Smith and Charlize Theron. You know that one? They’re both super heroes and they’re a perfect match for each other except they make each other mortal. If they stay away from one another they’re immortal. I would rather die a million days before infinity than to live forever without you. I’d be more alive as a mortal being than I ever would in all of my days if I were immortal. Give me life. Give me the music to my soul. Give me the rest of forever with you.

Alas, I cannot make anything happen. I can will it in my favor and I can pray for God’s hand in this, but I have no control. I am so thankful that you met me in my dreams last night. I’m happy that we connected and our souls were one in that time we shared. I miss you and I love you. ❤️

Lovingly yours,

The Repressed Peach 

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