It’s sad when you learn where you truly stand with someone. People who call you friend but aren’t there for you when you need them. People who have a big temper tantrum if you don’t call or drop everything when they need you yet have no consideration for what life may be handing you in your own court. So, you know shit happens, right? Friendships ebb and flow. Relationships change. But after quite a few years of the same steady stream of drama and unrealistic expectations you just have to call bullshit. This isn’t friendship. This is not even a relationship. It’s a phone-a-friend hotline. Calls aren’t returned. Text messages are ignored entirely. Plans are cancelled on a regular basis. Sudden shifts in conversation as though anything you have to share is annoying and inconsequential. I feel like I’ve been understanding and supportive. I have always thought that one day my day would come and my friends would be available to me for whatever I needed in that moment. But that’s not true. I’m a burden. I’m annoying and my problems aren’t tolerable. This does not match my definition of friendship. 

I feel like so many people these days are spending so much time caught up in their own sagas to consider someone else’s situation. It should all be mutual over time. Give and take. Support and be supported. There comes a time though when no matter the excuses or the rationale, the relationship has to end. It doesn’t need to be any big deal. No break up messages needed. No confrontation necessary. Just let it be what it is. And what it is is over. 


The Repressed Peach

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