Fridays are my favorite days. They’re the reprieve from a long, hard week. They’re also days that I have fond memories of time shared with you. Intimate moments in the early morning hours of a beautiful Friday shared beneath the covers of my bed. Eager anticipation of you walking through my front door, embracing me, kissing me, and then laying down together in my still warm bed. Ahh. Blissful memories of Fridays past and longing for the experience again.

It’s been a long time since we’ve shared what we called “naked Fridays”. My body and soul ache for precious time like that with you again. Every Friday I wake up, think of you and miss the intimacy. It was so much more than sex. It was talking, listening, caressing, laughing, sharing, exposing our inner most selves and trusting each other fully in those minutes. Although it was brief, usually 30 minutes or so, it felt like time stood still and we were just immersed in one another. Every touch rejuvenated my senses. Every kiss stoked my soul. Every laugh filled my heart to the brim. It was the best kind of therapy.

I would love to share a lifetime of Fridays with you and every day in between. Morning, noon, and night every day of every week for the rest of my life.

Lovingly yours,

The Repressed Peach


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