Hi baby! I miss you. I wish I could kiss your face and hug your body. I would love to hear your voice in my ear and feel all the feels I feel when you resonate in my mind. I want to laugh with you and talk about all the things that makes our world go round. I want to talk basketball with you and joke about the upcoming football season. I want to know how the job changes are affecting you or not. I want to hear how your weekend was and what plans you have for summer. I would love to share my birthday shenanigans and Mother’s Day fun with you. I would love to tell you about the fears I have about my upcoming surgery and how much I wish you could be by my side when I have it. I wish I could just sit and be with you for a time. In my mind, you’re right here with me and you’re just a thought or breath away. I’m here, you’re there, but still we are one. Connected forever, near or far, moments or years apart, and always in my heart.

Love ya my big daddy 😘,

The Repressed Peach

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