Mix tape: Side 1

Most people understand the purpose of a mix tape, right? You know you make a cassette tape of all the songs that you love, songs that make you love your lover a little more, songs that say all the things you wish you could say but find no words for. Well we don’t have cassette tapes anymore, cds are a thing of the past, and well making a playlist isn’t as convenient as it sounds.

So, this post is going to be my version of a mixtape! Every song speaks to the depths I feel for you. Where my words fail, music will fill the space. So here you go, baby. Here’s your mixtape. 😊

“Jealous” Labrinth

“Feels like home” Chantal Kreviazuk

“Have you Ever” Brandi

“Feel It” Jacquees

“Untitled (How does it feel)” Matt Bomer

“Love of my Life” Musiq Soulchild

“So beautiful” Musiq Soulchild

“One Woman One Man” Magic!

“Let your hair down” Magic!

“Me and You” Kenny Chesney

“Make You Feel My Love” Trisha Yearwood

This is Side 1. And I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think when you have time.

Side 2 is in the works. ❤️

Always yours,

The Repressed Peach


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