In me, you won’t find perfection. I’m tired too much. I’m hungry for life. I’m irritable at times. I am too passive in others. I am confident and can be brassy sometimes. I’m too driven some days. I have bad hair days. I have days where I wanna hang out in my jammies and eat bad food all day. I do however strive for balance.

You aren’t perfect either. You have all these same quirks and qualities about you and probably others I haven’t had the pleasure of learning.

Here’s the thing– I wanna know them all. I want to know every last bit about you and love it all.

Baby, I know you’re not perfect, but you’re perfect for me. Absolutely perfect and I love all of you.

You make my imperfections feel normal and accepted. You make me feel human and appreciated. I don’t feel the need to put up a facade or play games. I don’t do those things anyway, but I don’t feel any pressure or anxiety. You make me human and more whole.

I don’t understand why God let this love grow in my heart and then not allow us be together but like I’ve said before I have to keep hoping, loving and praying for us.

Look, I’ve tried the online dating thing. Trying to let this love grow elsewhere for someone else. Every time I try it, it doesn’t feel right and every time I get irritated and come back to the realization that nobody is gonna be you. Nobody. And I don’t want anyone who makes me feel anything less than what you do. I won’t. Period.

I’ve tried just being open to meeting new people in various situations and nothing. No chemistry. No energy. No vibe. Nothing. I just think of how you make me feel and what an amazing man you are and I can’t do anything more than say, “Nice to meet you. Have a good evening.”

You’re a man. Human. Fallible. Flawed. Whatever… I don’t give a damn. I love you. I love all of you. I’m sorry but that’s my truth and I simply can’t do anything to change it.

Imperfect yet hoping,

The Repressed Peach

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