Virgo Love Language

I just read an astrological characteristics info-graphic that said the following:

So now I’m wondering… have you witnessed evidence of my love? Do my actions speak volumes in the love department or am I missing the mark in some way?

I’ve written nearly 100 posts in this blog that have something to do with you, and I’ve done as much as I could with various gifts, meals, gestures throughout the last six years yet I am curious to know if there’s that one thing that’s missing that I need to do in order to express my love to you.

Maybe it isn’t the chicken strip meal you like from the restaurant around the corner from work. Maybe you don’t need the frozen coffee drink you like after a long night of football or basketball the night before. Maybe it’s not the collectors items or specialty adult beverages that I had to go out of state to find.

Maybe it’s more in the way that I show your body how much I adore you. Maybe it’s how my eyes look loving up to your tall frame and pour love into your soul. Maybe it’s how my hands find the sensitive places so easily and remember the need you demonstrate.

However, maybe it’s not any of this which may be why we aren’t together. Maybe I’m just overthinking all of it and the answers are more obvious than not. I’m only left to my own imagination here so anything’s a possibility.

Regardless, I miss you. Just like I have and always will. Maybe you’ll be the forever I never got to experience.


The Repressed Peach

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