Life goal: achieved.

Time to level up y’all. πŸ’―

I finally got my dream job!! I’ve been hired as a high school guidance counselor at a local school district! This is my ultimate life goal ACHIEVED!!

Ya know that Drake song “Started from the bottom”? Yeah well that just became my life theme song!! I sure as hell started at the bottom and now I’ve achieved my life’s goal doing my life’s work, living the dream! I couldn’t be happier or more excited! I feel the vibe flowing through my veins and happiness washing over me. I am on Cloud 9 and then some!

Now I’m ready to turn up and turn out, let the realest version of me be on full display.

A new version is borne at every turn but his is the ultimate transformation and achievement.

And it’s all about my why… kids. Every day it’s about being a voice for the voiceless and advocating for the disenfranchised. It’s the reason God made me.

Onward and upward my friends… oh wait… I’ve reached the top!! Now to enjoy the view and soak up the learning from my journey!

Peace! πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ€“

The Repressed Peach


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