Happy birthday baby

🎉🎉 Happy happy birthday!!! 🎉🎉

Goodness do I wish I could wake up next to you on this rainy, cool morning so I could wake you up with a ton of kisses and love on you! I would make you breakfast in bed and sit with you while we talk. Then we could take a shower together and have fun kissing under the warm running water with soap bubbles tickling our skin. I would love to share your birthday with you all day and make memories of our own. Make you feel special and loved. Make you laugh. Make your heart smile. Make you feel like the king that you are. Maybe we could go out for a nice dinner and go dancing or have a big dinner party with friends. I would love to do anything that would make you happy and let you feel all the love I have to give. I would love to cherish and adore you all day long.

I thank god you were given life. I thank god you’re still part of my life. I thank god that you share yourself with me and enjoy the easy connection we share. I love those beautiful brown eyes that are filled with happiness when you look at me. I love your beautiful smile that beams with pleasure and deep satisfaction.

I love love love love love YOU!!

I’m wishing you a beautiful, blessed, great birthday today!! I can’t wait to hear all about it!

Love you baby,

The Repressed Peach

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