The Self-quarantine edition

So we went to Arizona for my grandmother’s memorial service which made us leave the sanctity of our home and travel via airline to our destination. We all know airports and aircraft are breeding grounds for major bacteria and viruses alike. What with this pandemic, we took major strides to limit the potential for infection but you can only do so much when accompanied by 30+ passengers who have all been in contact with at least 30+ others themselves. So we are self-quarantining for the next 14 days at least. In effort to save my sanity and explore the new dimensions of what I might learn of myself I thought I would blog my adventures each day. And here is my day 1:

I got up this morning around 8:30 and took care of the dog. Let him outside for his potty break and fed him. Then piddled around the kitchen tidying up a bit. Around 9:00 I sat down in the media room and started putting together the new patio furniture set I purchased from Wayfair. It was definitely an interesting task although not as cumbersome as an IKEA purchase. A few minutes into this adventure and my dog tried eating the directions and simultaneously lost a puppy tooth. It was a tiny little molar! I was so surprised because I haven’t seen a puppy tooth before. It was precious! So I set that aside to show my son when he woke up later. I put the dog in his kennel so I could work with fewer distractions and to ensure the directions were salvaged to get me through the building of the furniture. Finally got the project done around noon but in the middle of it I stopped for breakfast, and to collect the groceries I had delivered to my front door. Thank the lord for grocery delivery service during this pandemic because I don’t know what we would’ve done. Thankfully this grocery delivery I was able to acquire meats. In previous orders the meat department was entirely sold out of products so I couldn’t get anything delivered. This time I got a two pound package of ground chuck, a four pack of chicken breasts, bacon and sausage. I generally don’t split packages of meat up because I’m lazy or don’t think of it, but this time I spent the time needed to split the packages into smaller serving packs to ensure I only defrost what I need and will use in a meal. I thought that this was definitely something I need to do better about all the time so I don’t waste meat. I felt myself appreciating the meat and thankful for the grocer and farmer who worked to provide for me in this instance. Even more so, appreciative of my shipt shopper who went out into this uncertain world to provide a needed service to me. After I finished that task I completed my furniture project and let the dog back outside. While he was doing his business in the backyard, I placed the new furniture outside on the front patio. It is a drizzly, wet day outside so it was sprinkling lightly. It was a little cool outside, but still pleasant. I sat down into one of the new chairs and rocked. I found myself enjoying the rocking and actually rocked myself to sleep a little bit. I dozed off sitting in the rocking chair outside in the sprinkling warmth of a strange spring day. Before I fell asleep I marveled at the growth of my flowers in the front garden. I admired the many buds about to bloom and found some plants that need to be tended to. Just little trimmings here and there then they’ll be good as new. Grandma would’ve gotten up right then and pulled those things off or out of the ground, she wouldn’t have waited. She also wouldn’t have complained or remarked about how she felt doing it, not a gripe about her body or her hands hurting, not a slow rise from bending over, nothing. She was mighty and strong in so many ways that I’m not. Anyway, I thought this thought and found tears well in my eyes and a knot form in my throat. I swallowed it away and dried the tears. I didn’t want to cry right then.

The remainder of the day was relaxed. I ate a little bit of lunch, showered, and then took a good nap on the sofa for a couple hours. Although it wasn’t a perfect nap it was nice. Too much light in the room and a little noisy from my son playing video games in the media room, but whatever. I napped and enjoyed it. Shortly thereafter I made dinner. We enjoyed New York strip steak, baked potato and bacon wrapped jalapeño poppers as an appetizer. Gosh did we love those poppers. I wish I would’ve made more but then again, I’m trying to ration some of our food stuffs. Bacon is a prime commodity right now and I don’t want to go through too much in one night. Strange the adjustments we make in fear of inaccessibility… The steaks were from a couple weeks ago that I ended up freezing because we didn’t eat them when I thought we would. Each steak was just a smidge over 0.5 pounds so we ate well tonight. The potatoes were good with light butter and shredded cheddar cheese.

After kitchen cleanup was done I headed to the home office to set up for tele-work tomorrow. Our school district has gone to virtual learning with the school closures and counselors have to provide support during certain hours. Therefore I wanted to organize my office and prep for the first official day of work from home. It wasn’t challenging at all, but I realize I need an external monitor to connect to my laptop. The screen is small and my keyboard is sticky so I have to use a wireless keyboard which is easier to use when I’m using an extended screen. Trivial things at best, but def an impact to my comfort. I made a community post about someone lending one to me and got a couple offers that I will follow up with tomorrow. This set ablaze an idea about creating a community app where people can post their excess items where others can shop and can digitally pay for said items. However I don’t know the first thing about creating an app so there’s that. Good idea but not feasible right now.

Once we settled down a bit, we enjoyed a bite of ice cream. We each had a pint we had opened a couple nights before so we finished those off for dessert. Tonight was a good night. Today was a good day. I feel relaxed and calm right now. I feel motivated to take on this challenge and grow in ways that I’ve needed to but haven’t had the impetus to change. To start with, I’ve wanted to be a bit more flexible physically. So tonight I did 25 squats, 35 jumping jacks and some other light calisthenics. Not too much, but enough to move a little in the right direction. Maybe this can become a daily practice for the rest of my life. It has to be good for me.

So that’s it for Day 1. We are doing fine. Neither of are experiencing any symptoms or anything which I’m very grateful for. See ya tomorrow for day 2 and all that my day will entail in self- quarantine.

Hopefully yours,

The Repressed Peach

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