Self-quarantine edition: Day 2

I’m a day behind… so this should’ve been written and posted yesterday:

Today was day one of tele-work for our school district. I got up with ease and hopped into my work clothes and put on my work face. I feel like some sense of normalcy is important for my mentality and to get into the zone for productivity. Once done I zipped up to Starbucks to get my venti iced caramel macchiato through the drive thru after ordering from the mobile app. No person to person contact at all, never got close enough to anyone to breathe on them or them on me either. I hustled back home and jumped right into work mode. I felt like I was in my office on campus although the digs were a little more homey and comfy. Even had my work buddy on my side. He was chewing on a pig ear while I worked.

I did a teleconference via FaceTime with my counselor colleagues which lasted about an hour or so. It was intense with so many people talking and so many faces to watch. While intense I felt like it was actually more productive than our meetings in office. Everyone was more relaxed and attentive to the tasks at hand. It was interesting to see the different dynamic. I even felt different, I felt myself listening attentively and refraining from jumping to conclusions or feeling antsy and judgmental. I definitely felt more relaxed compared to our usual meetings. Anyway, then I got to talk with a parent, send some emails about transcript updates, and then got ready for a professional development zoom meeting.

I’ve zoomed before, but this was different! We had over 300 participants! I couldn’t believe it! All those people from all over our region “calling in” to one place to talk at the same time. Technology is amazing!! The moderator muted everyone so we couldn’t hear all the craziness in people’s homes and such, but video was still on. Lol… oh people… it was comical at times. And it kinda felt intrusive, I didn’t know but maybe 8 people on the call, but I can see more than that and they’re in their home offices, kitchens, living rooms, etc. I felt like a voyeur on accident. Technology has given us access to so much, and sometimes to things I don’t want. Anyway, the professional development session lasted two hours. It was long but very useful information. At the end of it I only had one hour left to be on the clock. And boy was I grateful! I was tapped out on being so connected to tech. I had a laptop in front of me and a phone in my hand the whole day. Not to mention the binders and paperwork I was rifling through. I was worn out! Once the school day ended I silenced my phone and put it on Do Not Disturb for more than an hour. I couldn’t look at my phone or anything… I was done.

Then I made dinner. I can certainly feel myself thinking more about meals and planning them more intentionally. It’s a strange sensation actually. In a way I feel guilty for being such a consumer before and living on autopilot in some regards. It’s sad to think about really. I like to think of myself as a rather intentional person and a good planner, but this is one area it’s very apparent I have work to do. Even feeling myself rationing certain items because I’m being conscientious about going through it too fast. It’s an odd sensation in my mind. It’s a new way of thinking and one that I could stand to maintain after this crisis passes.

Once dinner was done and the kitchen cleaned, my son and I went outside to play some baseball. We stayed in our front yard and didn’t contact other people although there were many children and families outside walking dogs, riding bikes, playing basketball and more. It’s amazing how alive our neighborhood felt despite this crisis. Everyone seemed happy and there was joy where I haven’t heard that before in my hood. So we played baseball with a weighted ball, it’s nearly one pound heavy, and stayed outdoors for over an hour. It was a warm evening but nice and got even better once the sun started to set and a cool breeze washed over us. It was rather lovely really.

Here are some insights that I’ve had since this whole thing started:

  • technology is great, but I’m now in a position where I am overstimulated by it. I wonder how many of our kids will experience this when we start virtual learning.
  • Autopilot is for planes only, not my brain
  • Rituals are critical to creating balance and wellness in these trying times
  • Moving your body is an important thing to do when you’re cooped up inside for long periods of time
  • Working from home doesn’t give me any more time than I had before and it in fact makes other people forget to maintain boundaries
  • I could get used to this! I wonder how our district will change its policies based on this new learning of infectious disease and contagion
  • I generally suck at grocery shopping! But I have room to improve!
  • As a parent it’s important to talk to your kids about their stress, but you shouldn’t talk to them about your stress. They shouldn’t be alarmed by the things you’re hearing or reading.
  • Work hours and tasks have more flexibility in them than I am currently allowing. I need to create a ritual and create space for me to exist in the midst of it all.

As you can see my brain is taking in all this new data and trying to sort through as much as possible. It is overwhelming at times and stressful, but I do believe everyone on this planet may become better through their opportunities.

Wholly yours,

The Repressed Peach

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